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Ozzio Italia, lockdown as an opportunity and strategies for the future

A conversation with Marco Pozzoli, designer and CEO of the Brianza-based company that interprets contemporary lifestyle through multiple function projects..

The history of Ozzio Italia is constantly changing, as is the furniture this Brianza-based company produces, trying to intercept the transformations of modern living. The story began in 1961 in the artisan workshop of the Pozzoli family, and today the brand is present in Europe, America, Asia and Russia with ten showrooms in major international cities. Ozzio Italia’s strong point is its convertible and multifunctional furniture, elements that change in shape and function through sophisticated mechanisms, especially useful (as a solution) for tight/small spaces. We spoke with Marco Pozzoli, designer and CEO of the company.

From a strategic point of view, how did you behave in the year of no trade fairs?
The first lockdown was quite traumatic: it affected both the clientele and the production department. We gradually reopened production and worked hard on exports, which account for 55%. In 2020 we prepared a lot, embracing a remote working model, working on updating Easy Line, the sister collection of Ozzio Italia. Right after the lockdown we saw a significant recovery in numbers. An area on which we decided to focus our energies was communication, so we implemented all social activities and worked on the production of video material, both consumer and technical, aimed at retailers.

Read the full interview at the link  https://www.domusweb.it/en/speciali/domusfordesign/gallery/2021/ozzio-italia-lockdown-as-an-opportunity-and-strategies-for-the-


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