Upholstered Chair: Giotto

Cod: S010
Designer: Andrea Lucatello

From the harmonious match between wood and leather, a chair takes form and reveals its essential elements. The skillfully handmade cover highlights the tailored stitching that enhances the ergonomically designed backrest to provide the maximum comfort.
The solid wood structure shapes design of inflexible and curvilinear configurations.


Upholestered Seat

EP57 – Soft Eco Leather Nabuk Lynce
EP56 – Soft Eco Leather Nabuk Blue
EP55 – Soft Eco-Leather Nabuk Moka
EP54 – Soft Eco-Leather Nabuk Ghiaccio
EP51 – Soft Eco-Leather White Nabuk
EP50 – Soft Eco-Leather Grey Nabuk
EP52 – Soft Eco-Leather Coffee Cream Nabuk
P05 – Leather Ash
P01 – White Soft Leather
P02 – Dark Soft Leather
P10 – Moka Soft Leather
P11 – Mastice Soft Leather
P04 – Soft Leather Ecru
P18 – Graphite Soft Leather
P19 – Polvere Soft Leather
P20 – Havana Soft Leather
P90 – Fango Soft Leather
B05-Ultramarine blue
B03-Dark brown

Structure Finishing

PW61 – Wood Wild White Open Poro Oak
PW91 – Wood Wild Natural Oak
PW94 – Wood Wild Carbone Oak
PW96 – Wood Wild Delhi Oak
PW97 – Wood Wild Tabacco Oak

Giotto - Upholstered Chair

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