Upholstered Chair: Lunette

Cod: S322
Designer: Studio Ozeta

Metal frame chair with soft leather, eco-soft nabuk leather, hard leather or velvet.



VE01 – Velvet Pink
VE02 – Velvet Gray
VE03 – Velvet Castoro
VE04 – Velvet Smeraldo
VE05 – Velvet Corda
EP50 – Soft Eco-Leather Grey Nabuk
EP55 – Soft Eco-Leather Nabuk Moka
EP54 – Soft Eco-Leather Nabuk Ghiaccio
EP52 – Soft Eco-Leather Coffee Cream Nabuk
EP51 – Soft Eco-Leather White Nabuk
P20 – Havana Soft Leather
P19 – Polvere Soft Leather
P18 – Graphite Soft Leather
P11 – Mastice Soft Leather
P10 – Moka Soft Leather
P02 – Dark Soft Leather
P01 – White Soft Leather
P90 – Fango Soft Leather
C09 – Leather Black
C10 – Leather White
C11 – Leather Moka
C18 – Leather Graphite
C30 – Leather Coffee Cream
C31 – Leather Khaki
C32 – Leather Piombo

Lunette - Upholstered Chair

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