Coffee Table: Moved

Designer: Luca Roccadadria

The perfect combination of architecture and sculpture resides in the functional simplicity of these coffee tables. The thin circular base is projected upwards by four metal rods that support a larger top, emphasizing its concentricity. In the frosted glass version, a delicate concave in the center simulates the effect of gravity, attracting the unsupported part of the top towards itself.

Coffee table with metal base in two heights, tops in various finishes. The bush-hammered crystal finished top features a central item container recess.


Structure Finishing

MT16 – Metallo Verniciato Champagne
MT97 – Metallo Verniciato Bronzo
MT98 – Metallo Verniciato Grafite Opaco

Top Finishing

CR17 – Cristallo Colorato Float
CR21 – Cristallo Colorato Bronzo
PW61 – Legno Rovere Wild Bianco Poro Aperto
PW91 – Legno Rovere Wild Naturale
PW94 – Legno Rovere Wild Carbone
PW96 – Legno Rovere Wild Delhi
PW97 – Legno Rovere Wild Tabacco
VB01 – Vetro Bocciardato Bronzo Silver
VB02 – Vetro Bocciardato Fumè Silver
VB03 – Vetro Bocciardato Bianco Perlato
CC07 – Ceramica Calacatta
CC08 – Ceramica Noir Desir
CC10 – Ceramica Emperador
CC11 – Ceramica Gold Beauty

Technical Sheet

Moved - Coffee Table

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