Self Supporting Bookcase: Panto Angolare

Designer: Andrea Lucatello

Expect the unexpected. Have no doubts The Panto bookcase reminds the name and functionality of the instrument it belongs to: the Pantograph. Known tool allows you to reproduce shapes on a reduced or enlarged scale, the exact concept of this bookcase. Panto, through the combination of glass shelves of different depths, is able to expand and shrink, changing its shape and function. Self-supporting as a room divider or leaning against the wall, it is perfect for all those who usually wish to reorganize active spaces.

Freestanding corner bookcase with wooden frame, metal uprights and crystal shelves. Ideal for wall mounting or as a centre-room partition.


Shelves Finishes (Optional)

CR14 – Cristallo Colorato Trasparente Extrachiaro
CR21 – Cristallo Colorato Bronzo

Uprights Finishing

MT97 – Metallo Verniciato Bronzo


PW61 – Legno Rovere Wild Bianco Poro Aperto
PW91 – Legno Rovere Wild Naturale
PW94 – Legno Rovere Wild Carbone
PW96 – Legno Rovere Wild Delhi
PW97 – Legno Rovere Wild Tabacco

Technical Sheet

Panto Angolare - Self Supporting Bookcase

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