Extendable Table: Emisfero

Designer: Gabriele Cappelletti - Studio Ozeta

Refined geometries that combine with a pleasant aesthetic motif. Precious materials supported by a structure that plays on the theme of balance, giving a pleasant movement to the surrounding environment. Available in numerous varieties of finishes and with moderate dimensions, Emisfero does not encounter difficulties in getting space for itself in the domestic living.

Extendable dining table. Base in painted metal, top available in different finishes.  Height-adjustable feet.


Top Finishing

CR01 – Cristallo Extrachiaro
CR04 – Cristallo Colorato Antracite
CR09 – Cristallo Antimpronta Bianco
CR16 – Cristallo Colorato Crema Caffè
CR18 – Cristallo Antimpronta Grafite
CR19 – Cristallo Antimpronta Crema Caffè
MG02 – Marble Glass Sahara Noir Lucido
MG03 – Marble Glass Onice Lucido
MG05 – Marble Glass Calacatta gold lucido
MG04 – Marble Glass Verde alpi lucido
CC07 – Ceramica Calacatta
CC08 – Ceramica Noir Desir
CC10 – Ceramica Emperador
CC11 – Ceramica Gold Beauty

Structure Finishing

MT97 – Metallo Verniciato Bronzo
MT98 – Metallo Verniciato Grafite Opaco

Technical Sheet

Emisfero - Extendable Table Inside Extensions

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