Fix Table: Gem

Cod: T234
Designer: Andrea Lucatello

The simplicity of the different glass tops of the Gem table, with a double shaped beveled cross grinding edge and a straight ground polished edge, highlight the essential dynamism of the metal base in a double chromatic nuance or single color. The powerful geometric interlocking of the metal base attracts the attention of the living and gives this furniture a unique personality.

Fixed dining table with painted sheet metal base and height-adjustable feet. Wide range of tops in different sizes, shapes and finishes.


Top Finishing

CR17 – Cristallo Colorato Float
MG02 – Marble Glass Sahara Noir Lucido
MG03 – Marble Glass Onice Lucido
MG05 – Marble Glass Calacatta gold lucido
MG04 – Marble Glass Verde alpi lucido
CC07 – Ceramica Calacatta
CC08 – Ceramica Noir Desir
CC10 – Ceramica Emperador
CC11 – Ceramica Gold Beauty
CR21 – Cristallo Colorato Bronzo
PW61 – Legno Rovere Wild Bianco Poro Aperto
PW91 – Legno Rovere Wild Naturale
PW94 – Legno Rovere Wild Carbone
PW97 – Legno Rovere Wild Tabacco
PW96 – Legno Rovere Wild Delhi
PZ51 – Legno Noce Canaletto

Structure Finishing

MT16 – Metallo Verniciato Champagne
MT16&MT97 – Metallo Champagne e Bronzo
MT97 – Metallo Verniciato Bronzo

Technical Sheet

Gem - Fix Table Rectangular

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