Fix Table: Random Fisso

Designer: Giulio Manzoni

A design object stands out against the background of your living room or dining room. Random Fisso is the main-character table of a contemporary lifestyle. The diagonal legs create a geometric pattern that rises up to the top: a light and eclectic base that can take on different shapes and styles based on the mood of your space.

Fixed dining table with metal tube base, designed with welds and screw joints. Height-adjustable feet. Wide range of tops in different sizes, shapes and finishes.



Structure Finishing

MT12 – Metallo Nero Opaco
MT97 – Metallo Verniciato Bronzo
MT98 – Metallo Verniciato Grafite Opaco

Top Finishing

CM61 – Cemento Grigio
CM62- Cement Terra
CM90 – Cemento Tortora
CM98 – Cemento Grafite
PW61 – Legno Rovere Wild Bianco Poro Aperto
PW91 – Legno Rovere Wild Naturale
PW94 – Legno Rovere Wild Carbone
PW96 – Legno Rovere Wild Delhi
PW97 – Legno Rovere Wild Tabacco
PZ51 – Legno Noce Canaletto
PZ91 – Legno Rovere Vecchio Naturale
PZ93 – Legno Rovere Vecchio Soft
PZ94 – Legno Rovere Vecchio Dark Grey
CR17 – Cristallo Colorato Float
MG02 – Marble Glass Sahara Noir Lucido
MG03 – Marble Glass Onice Lucido
MG05 – Marble Glass Calacatta gold lucido
MG04 – Marble Glass Verde alpi lucido
CC07 – Ceramica Calacatta
CC08 – Ceramica Noir Desir
CC10 – Ceramica Emperador
CC11 – Ceramica Gold Beauty
CR21 – Cristallo Colorato Bronzo

Technical Sheet

Random Fisso - Fix Table Rectangular

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