Upholstered Armchair: Betta

Cod: S050
Designer: Studio Ozeta

A seat that stands out for the devoted craftsmanship of the quilted cover. The seams on the back are haute couture details that highlight the care in the design. This comfortable classic-style armchair is available in a very wide range of colors that allow it to harmonize and enhance the rooms of any home.

Fully upholstered chair with armrests in various finishes. Quilted backrest interior.



VE01 – Velvet Pink
VE02 – Velvet Gray
VE03 – Velvet Castoro
VE04 – Velvet Smeraldo
VE05 – Velvet Corda
VE07 – Velvet Rust
B02 – Bouclè Liquirizia
B01 – Bouclè Burro
B05 – Bouclè Blu oltremare
B04 – Bouclè Basalto
B03 – Bouclè Bruno
EP50 – Soft Eco-Leather Grey Nabuk
EP52 – Soft Eco-Leather Coffee Cream Nabuk
EP51 – Soft Eco-Leather White Nabuk
EP54 – Soft Eco-Leather Nabuk Ghiaccio
EP55 – Soft Eco-Leather Nabuk Moka
EP56 – Soft Eco Leather Nabuk Blue
EP57 – Soft Eco Leather Nabuk Lynce
P01 – Soft Leather White
P02 – Soft Leather Black
P04 – Soft Leather Ecru
P05 – Soft Leather Ash
P10 – Soft Leather Moka
P11 – Soft Leather Mastice
P18 – Soft Leather Graphite
P19 – Soft Leather Polvere
P20 – Soft Leather Havana
P90 – Soft Leather Fango

Technical Sheet

Betta - Upholstered Armchair With Armrests

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