Upholstered Chair: Sofia

Cod: S316
Designer: Studio Ozeta

Sofia represents the perfect combination of simplicity and modernity. It is fully upholstered and its mono-material finishes are embellished with fine stitching on the backrest. Thanks to these, the curve of the back takes on different shades based on the angle of the light, creating sophisticated chromatic effects.

Fully upholstered chair in various finishes.



P01 – Pelle Bianco
P02 – Pelle Nero
P04 – Pelle Ecru
P05 – Pelle Cenere
P18 – Pelle Grafite
P11 – Pelle Mastice
P10 – Pelle Moka
P19 – Pelle Polvere
P90 – Pelle Fango
P20 – Pelle Havana
B01 – Bouclè Burro
B02 – Bouclè Liquirizia
B03 – Bouclè Bruno
B04 – Bouclè Basalto
B05 – Bouclè Blu oltremare

Technical Sheet

Sofia - Upholstered Chair Without Armrests

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